Ladakh Festival

Ladakh Festival

The Ladakh festival is a blend of various cultures of Central Asian, Tibetan and Northern India, which are all found in Ladakh. Held from the 1st to 15th  September in the town of Leh, this a large scale celebration where the locals showcase their zeal and enthusiasm.

The Ladakh festival brings you the festive ambience of sports and cultural ambience full of immense warmth and joy, where hundreds of visitors from across the globe come here to witness the grand procession. The procession sees a large number of cultural troupes from different parts of Ladakh as they pass through the markets and streets singing and dancing to traditional tunes.

The procession includes local leaders, school kids and dancers who perform assorted dances on the conventional tunes played by the orchestra. While the local lads and women wear breathtaking outfits to divert your attention and walk in a line to give you a complete carnival-like feel.

The highlight of the fest includes wild lion and yak dancing to music presentations and craft exhibitions to yummy dining and tasting intoxicating barley beer called Chang. Finally, the procession ends at the polo ground where interesting folk songs and dance performances are staged like non-stop musical concerts, lama dances and folklore ceremonies. The best part of this festival of Ladakh is the Archery and Polo competitions held which are fun and interesting to watch. This is what makes it a must-attend festival for adventurers who are on their Manali to Leh bike expedition.

When is it celebrated: The Ladakh Festival is held for a duration of 15 days from the 1st to 15th of September.

Where is it celebrated: This festival in Ladakh is held in the town of Leh and its various villages.