Namgyal Tsemo Monastery

About Namgyal Tsemo Monastery

A peaceful monastery that assures your tour of Ladakh would go to a different level is Namgyal Tsemo Monastery. Among the monasteries of Leh, Namgyal Tsemo has a significant charm that is enhanced by the multiple layers of Himalayan peaks lying in the surrounding. The spiritual blend appears on the walls of the monastery has attracted hundreds of travelers to the monastery for so many years.


The monastery situated high on a hill top behind the Leh Palace is founded in 15th century by King Tashi Namgyal, an ardent follower of Buddhism. The breathtaking views from the top of the monastery’s location is one of the reasons why travelers just flow toward it and it is considered to be the most beautiful piece for photography as well.

The Structure of the Monastery

The architecture the monastery displays is renowned and that is why it has a special place among the history of Ladakh. It has an assembly hall and a temple with large frescoes, painting and the attractive statues of Buddha in different positions. A gold idol of Maitreya Buddha or the future Buddha which measures to be tall as a three storey structure is the quaint feature of the gompa. Avalokiteshwara and Manjushri are two other charming statues of one-storey height placed in the monastery. Visitors are allowed only during morning and evening. It will take around 2 to 3 hours to enjoy each spectacle at the pagoda to be elaborately explored.

Location: The Namgyal Hill is the seat of the monastery just behind the Leh Palace and it offers a panoramic view of the Leh town and nearby valleys, the Indus River and the towering snow-clad peaks of the Zanskar range.

Timings: The pagoda is open on all days of the week from 07:00 am to 09:00 am and then from 05:00 pm to 08:00 pm.

Entry fee: INR 20 per person

Highlights: On a daily basis, the monks from Shankar Gompa come to Namgyal Tsemo to worship the idol and light the butter lamps at the gompa and it is considered to be a precious sight to witness.